Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards and the Story of A Cause Marketing Coup

It's baaaaack!  The 2010 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards!  Nancy Schwartz of Nancy Schwartz and Company ingeniously hosts the Tagline Awards each year.  Nonprofits submit their taglines and Nancy invites the general public to vote for their favorites.  Which taglines are creative, convey the message and demand attention?  You decide.  And after the awards are through, Nancy compiles them into a report that is not to be missed.  You have until October 6th to vote and to spread the word. 

So many nonprofits have a difficult time thinking up a tagline that really sings.  But it's certainly worth spending some creative time with your board and volunteers coming up with ideas because a tagline can immediately engage your audience, help you grow membership and inspire donations.  Enjoy this blog and vote for your favorite tagline.  Bunnie

2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards

A Cause Marketing Coup
by Nancy Schwartz, President, Nancy Schwartz and Company
If you’re a Target shopper and/or a Ben & Jerry’s (B&J) fan you probably know about Volunteer Match‘s (VM) cause marketing coup.

Back in June, B&J launched its Berry Voluntary and Brownie Chew Gooder flavors at Target (a long-time VM supporter), aiming to encourage local volunteering via VM’s Scoop it Forward program. After registering for a volunteer activity and forwarding the opportunity to five friends, all six people received a coupon for a free pint of one of the new flavors, redeemable at Target.

Reinvigorated to Reach New Audiences

That’s a five-start cause marketing partnership but focus on even the most engaging promotion flags after a while. VolunteerMatch was determined to use this opportunity to engage additional audiences to build awareness of volunteering.

They devised a brilliant, funny strategy to do so — challenging Stephen Colbert (who has his own B&J flavor, Americone) to an ice cream taste off.

And what better (potentially viral) way to launch the challenge than this video: “I challenge Stephen Colbert – man to man and spoon to spoon – to see who has the ice cream flavor that people prefer,” joked Greg Baldwin, president of VolunteerMatch. “Anywhere. Anytime. Any tongue.”

After trying each flavor, Baldwin invites tasters to vote for the flavor they prefer, which is a great way to further engage those who hear about the taste off.

But the creative team at VM didn’t stop there. They generated major attention by storming the line of folks waiting to see the Colbert Report taping last week. VM distributed sample sizes of Berry Voluntary, proffered a written challenge to Colbert and the show’s producers, and launched the video big-time!

With Great Immediate Results

The long-term results will be how increased awareness from the taste-off generates more VolunteerMatch volunteers. But that won’t be clear for awhile.

What’s immediately apparent is that the spectacularly original and marvelously engaging approach has gotten big time attention. The story launched on Monday and was immediately covered by Fast Company and the Huffington Post, among other channels. That means that VM has already reached new audiences.

Next step, getting Baldwin on the Colbert Report! I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Powerful Inspiration — Use It to Spice Up Your Campaigns

There’s lots of inspiration here. My challenge to you is this: How can you take a great existing marketing or fundraising campaign, spice it up and roll it out to engage new audiences (or re-engage those who might have seen it the first time round)?

P.S. Vote now to build your messaging skills by selecting the best in class in the 2010 Taggies – the third annual Nonprofit Tagline Award Competition. It’s a fun project that will help nonprofits in all fields discover what works, and why.

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  1. That video is well-done (good writing, filming). I love marketing concepts like this (and of course, write about them on a smaller scale related to auctions), but hadn't heard this story before. I even eat B&J ice cream and still missed out on the June release. Time to head to Target...

  2. Very well thought out campaign. I love the coupon via registering for a volunteer activity, and the Target tie-in may help them mitigate their recent bad press. Looking forward to seeing Colbert's response.

  3. Thanks for letting your readers know about the campaign, Bunnie! We appreciate the help. If people want to help get volunteering on TV, just spread the word by forwarding the URL to friends and family: http://colbert.vmchallenge.com.

    Happy ice cream eating,

    Shari Ilsen
    Online Comm Manager

  4. Thanks for sharing this Bunnie. I must have been living under a big rock this week as I missed this completely. Nice to have colleagues you can count on to spread the good stuff around.

    I love the piggy back aspect of this. And the targeting. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story as it unfolds.

  5. I have a client who is in the running to win their category! I'm so excited for them.