Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nonprofits Seek Alternatives to Weather Economy

There is never enough time or enough money to do everything you want or need to do. Nonprofit managers have to find resources that will allow them to stretch their budgets to their limit. I was contacted by and did a bit of research. The tools they offer have the potential of saving nonprofits a lot of money. The irony is that they themselves have to raise donations in order to provide these services. Here is a description of all they do and the various tools you might find useful. Bunnie

Nonprofits Seek Alternatives to Weather Economy

by Molly Fergus,

As the nonprofit sector adjusts to a rough economy, more groups are turning to for solutions. Membership has nearly tripled in the last eleven months for the organization, which gives 501(c)3 groups free technology tools, including web building, web design, graphic design, language translation, and SEO consultation, among other resources.

In Sept. 2008, only 680 organizations used services. In less than one year, membership has spiked to nearly 2,000 nonprofits, and has given 501(c)3 groups $1,117,671 worth of technology tools.

Member organizations each have access to $26,293 worth of tools annually. That savings allowed Getting Tools to City Schools to fund its first delivery to P.S. 335 in the South Bronx.

“Thanks to, our start-up organization has created a strong professional presence on the web,” said Dennis Kitchen, director and founder of the Brooklyn-based organization. “Just as we help schools and students with free tools, has done the same for our nonprofit.”

That work builds the capacity of nonprofits nationwide, said Executive Director Shane Hankins.

“By providing free web and technology services, we save nonprofits time and money that they can use to implement real change,” Hankins said. “It’s rewarding that even in a down economy, start-ups can grow because we gave them free tools.”

Beyond web strategies, members use the free services to build stronger donor and volunteer bases. Massachusetts-based nonprofit Tailored for Success landed a $10,000 grant in 2007 after joining

Founder and president Elizabeth Hart said the grant funded Tailored Impressions, a consignment shop that helps economically disadvantaged women return to the workforce.

“This store also allows us to reach constituents who would not be eligible for our services due to financial guidelines,” Hart said. “The positive impact of's services will be felt for many years."

Interested in joining? equips nonprofits with the most current resources by leveraging modern technologies and best business practices. currently serves more than 1,900 501(c)3 organizations located in all 50 states. To join, visit the sign-up page.

What is the Toolbox?

The Toolbox is a suite of completely FREE, user-friendly tools designed to build capacity for nonprofit organizations so that they can better focus on their ultimate missions.

Virtual Office Service: Our free phone service program provides nonprofits with a toll-free "virtual office" number, complete with extension and voicemail capability. The "virtual office" number can ring any phone (landline or cell), allowing organizations to connect with clients, volunteers, and donors--regardless of location. It’s an amazing free service for nonprofits.

Social Ventures Project Consulting: Our Social Venture Consulting Program pairs talented MBA students from participating schools with nonprofits in semester-long project-based consulting partnerships. The program helps entrepreneurial nonprofits increase their organizational capacity by providing direct access to free business consulting.

Web Design: Our volunteer web design program pairs talented web-savvy volunteers with nonprofit organizations in need of assistance. Whether an organization is in need of a new site, or simply wants to revitalize their online presence, our designers are ready to help.

Graphic Design:
Our volunteer graphic design program pairs qualified volunteers with nonprofit organizations in need of assistance. This includes developing logos, letterhead, business cards, brand packages, and other materials.

Web Building: Our online website building application empowers even novice users to create professional, appealing websites. The app comes complete with a wide variety of customizable templates including backgrounds and stock images; again at no charge to nonprofit members.

Nonprofit SEO: By optimizing site content for search engines, nonprofits can easily reach new donors, volunteers, and clients with minimal investment of time and money. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program helps nonprofits to optimize their website’s content through online educational materials and individualized consultations.

Content Language Translation: Our language translation program provides nonprofits with free access to an instant website translation service. With this service, one simple click allows visitors to view your site in fifteen of the world's most popular languages.

Domain Registration: Our domain name registration program offers nonprofits one year of free domain registration. Similar to a physical address, a domain name gives an organization a place on the Web to call home, and will facilitate a personalized email address.

Web Hosting: Our web hosting package provides nonprofits with top-quality hosting services at a price any organization can afford, free. The hosting comes complete with 24/7 technical support via telephone, email, or live chat, and can support Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress.

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